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At Children's World, we strive to provide love, training, education, security, and flexibility to your children, your most precious and valuable assets.

We Now Serve Two Locations!

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6:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Skate America Location

Children's World at Skate America is conveniently located at 3706 New Boston Road in Texarkana, Texas, adjacent to the Skate America Fun Center.  The educational environment provided by our child care/pre-school center combined with the fun activities offered by the Skate America Fun Center make for a well-balanced learning program for your children.  

Physical fitness is vital to the overall well-being of a child, and we are able to offer a variety of activities that not only provide physical activity, but promote self-esteem and self-worth as new skills are mastered.  Skating is a fun activity that uses all the large muscles and improves gross motor skills.  

With over 15,000 square feet of climate-controlled play area, there is certainly no shortage of fun!  Skating, laser tag, and non-violent video games are some of the activities your children will enjoy on a regular basis.  Our pre-k, 4-year-olds and 5-year-olds skate weekly, and our school-aged kids skate daily.  Best of all, all these activities are absolutely free for all enrolled children!!  Back to top of page

Oak Grove Location

Children's World at Oak Grove is conveniently located between Hooks and New Boston, Texas, adjacent to the Oak Grove Golf Club.  This center is nestled at the end of Main Drive in a quiet cul-de-sac at the old Red River Army Depot.  The beautiful oak trees surrounding this peaceful center perpetuate a home-away-from-home feeling.

Our child care/pre-school is second to none and provides well-rounded, age-appropriate programs and learning environments for each child.  

Our school-age children take field trips to Skate America Fun Center during summer vacations and anytime school is out.  Our pre-k, 4-year-olds and 5-year-olds take weekly field trips to Skate America Fun Center.  Your children will enjoy 15,000 square feet of climate-controlled play area, skating, laser tag, and non-violent video games while gaining self-confidence as they master new skills.  Back to top of page

Both Locations

Baby Walking

Listed below are some of the many reasons you and your children will love Children's World Child Development Center.  Please be sure to also read our "About Us" page to find out about our credentials, our "Quality Child Care" page to learn about our philosophy and goals, and our "Curricula" page to learn more about the class your baby or child fits into.

State Licensed
Ages 6 Weeks - 13 Years Old
All teachers certified in CPR and First Aid
Hot Breakfast for all children
2 Daily Snacks
Low Child/Staff Ratios
Christian Based Curriculum
Kindness Based Curriculum
Daily Drop In's Available
Pre-school Learning Program
4 and 5 year old Pre-Kindergarten
Summer Program filled with fun
Video Surveillance System
Shuttle Service to and from after-school activities

Children learn what they see and hear, and our staff will consist of people with good morals and the capacity to love each and every child for itself alone.

We welcome suggestions, moral support, and interest in our programs from our parents.  Parents should feel free to look into the busy, noisy, creative, and happy classroom at their discretions.   Back to top of page



Email Children's World at childrensworld@oakgrove.com

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The Colorado Advisory Network is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that began in 1996. C.A.N. provides educational consultation for parents, schools, and the community in relation to the child with special needs. The services C.A.N. provides are: School Advocacy Consultations Kids CAN! Self Advocacy Training IEP and 504 plan reviews Workshop presentations http://www.coloradoadvisory.org

The Colorado Advisory Network is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that began in 1996. C.A.N. provides educational consultation for parents, schools, and the community in relation to the Children With Special Needs.

Summer camps are organized to provide children with a chance to develop new skills and to socialize. Most of the institutions provide a variety of summer camps that cater to the needs of children. Special summer camps are categorized according to the skills to be taught. Residential summer camps for children help them learn to interact with a group and improve interpersonal relationships. There are camps that are held just for a day and there are some that continue for days. Some of the camps offer transport facilities to the place where they are conducted.

Some special needs summer camps specifically cater to Children With Special Needs. The needs could differ according to the disability of the child, whether physical or mental. They also offer speech therapy and occupational therapy if required. Most of such special needs summer camps have a counselor attached to them. The counselor also helps in counseling parents whenever necessary.

Camps sometimes integrate normal and special children to enable them to interact with each other.

Certain special need camps are held for various needs such as those for people suffering with diabetes. The advantage for a diabetic to go for such a camp would be that such a person would relate well with a fellow diabetic. By sharing their problems they would feel mentally content to know that there are others with similar difficulties.

Camps are arranged for normal children of different age groups too. The activities often include things like hiking or mastering some special arts such as pottery.

There are summer camps for Children With Special Needs of therapeutic value for families too. They are a respite for the whole family from the stress brought on by routine life.

The cost incurred for a camp could vary depending upon the kind of camp opted for. The residential camps are more expensive than the day camps as food and lodging arrangements are also included. The list of rates and choices provided by various camps can help in deciding which camp to join.

As the number of parents who choose to home school their children increases, so does the homeschooling of special needs children. When it comes to choosing the curriculum, regardless of the child's type of disability and individual needs, there are countless resources available.

About education for Children With Special Needs

While many families prefer to put together their own curriculum, the majority still select from the many curriculum purchasing options. Should you decide to purchase curriculum materials, take the time to consider and review several packages before making your final selection. You will find during your research that there are several terrific companies offering special needs homeschooling curriculum. Take your time and be sure to research thoroughly. With the availability of programs available you do not want to overlook a program that may be better suited to your child's individual needs.

Include your local library in your research. There have been a great many informative books written on this subject. Look for and review recommendations of other parents. Recommendations from families with similar circumstances can provide you with a clearer picture of what may work well for you, and what might not.